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Sustainable Urban Water Transdisciplinary Research Program for Undergraduates
The Urban Water Innovation Network (UWIN) is currently accepting applications for its second Undergraduate Research Program (URP) for the summer of 2017. Students will be given the opportunity to perform cutting edge, transdisciplinary research of immediate relevance to people in urban areas. Students with different research interests in urban water sustainability - social sciences, natural sciences, engineering - will be placed with a team of mentors at institutions in urban areas across the nation. Go to UWIN UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH PROGRAM for more information on the internship, how to apply and contact information.

DESIGN ENGINEER INTERN - Cheat Road Engineering
Cheat Road Engineering, Inc. (CRE) offers full engineering services including generating design and construction specifications, preparing bidding and contract documents, preparing construction estimates, and managing projects from conception to closeout following completion of construction. CRE also provides full survey and field inspection services. Our clients range from residential and commercial property owners to industrial and public entities. Go to Cheat Road Engineering for more information on the internship, how to apply and contact information. 

Undergrad Research Opportunity 
Assist in research for the erosion control study 
• Field Work – Continued monitoring of small scale plot studies 
• Assist in data collection and retrieval – Construction of large scale study 
• Office Work – Data input and recording – Aid in research efforts
Go to Undergrad Research for more information on the internship, how to apply and contact information.

Mexico Program
Go to Mexico for more information.

WVU Study Abroad China
WVU Study abroad is offering a training program in Beijing, China over the summer. It will focus on Climate Change, and Energy and Environmental Protection and Intellectual Property Rights and China. For more information on this opportunity, who to contact and what it is all about go to WVU Study Abroad China.