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Canoe Hero

Concrete canoe is a student led event hosted by the American Society of Civil Engineers in which teams from across the nation and Canada design, build, and race canoes made from concrete. The competition allows engineering students the ability to apply what they have learned in a real life situation, along with gaining practical time management skills.

Concrete Canoe


We participate in a regional event called the Virginias Conference, which includes schools from WV, VA, and D.C. area. Out of the teams we compete against, the winner gets to go to nationals, and go against the winners of the other 17 conferences. For the competition, we are judged on 4 aspects: Final Product, Design Paper, Oral Presentation, and RACING!!!. All four categories are worth 25% of the final score. For racing, there are typically 5 events: Men’s and Women’s Sprints, Men’s and Women’s Endurance, along with the Co-ed Race. The races vary between 200 meters for the sprint and 600 meters for the endurance.
We are always looking for new faces to come out and learn about what we are doing and hopefully join the team. If you are interested in joining the concrete canoe team, please contact one of the co-captains or any of the ASCE officers!

Allison Givens   
Taylor Bertholdt